Our Vision & Core Values


Forward House follows the long Christian tradition of service to those suffering from addictions, alcoholism, homelessness and marginalization.   Our mission is to promote human transformation through love by helping all individuals, without regard to creed or culture, find the courage to change and to learn to use the tools required to live happy and productive lives.


As a organization originally founded in Christian fellowship, we acknowledge the history of the First Nations of this land, and all others who were and are oppressed as together we find a better way forward with love and respect for all.


We believe all people are called to be kind and compassionate, reaching out to one another in love, humility, understanding, patience and grace.


We believe that by practicing true acceptance, caring, and in believing in the fundamental value of each human being, we can inspire inner strength and resilience to help find the ability to change and to find one’s true purpose.

In order to achieve our goals, we believe it is essential to collaborate with all people and other organizations who share our vision and values.


We all belong to one another and have a responsibility to love and care for one another.

By being responsive to individual recovery needs, we recognize and accept the diversity of all individuals, and treat all as deserving of our care.

We provide a warm, non-judgemental, and welcoming environment where we value all those with lived experience.

We treat and respect all people in accordance with the Manitoba Human Rights Code