Our Vision

To be a community offering holistic support to people who have experienced marginalization, incarceration, and poverty. Through kinship, compassion, and encouraging hope, we believe they will discover their divine purpose and transformation in becoming valued and contributing members of our community.

Forward House is rooted in Christian faith; however, all men are welcome at Forward House, and can heal in the way which they desire. Men will have opportunities to access the Faith or Cultural Community of their choosing.

Forward House is committed to ensuring our approaches are culturally appropriate for marginalized or underserved communities and are accessible, inclusive, and are provided with safe(r) spaces for all participants. Forward House is commitment to:

  • The values of fairness and equitable treatment, inclusiveness, respect collaboration, integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour;
  • Foster a culture that embraces equity, diversity, inclusion, and importance of a sense of belonging;
  • Acknowledge and address the biases, underlying beliefs and values, assumptions, and stereotypes that inhibit opportunity in work and learning environments;
  • Welcome, embrace, and foster positive, informed and inclusive attitudes towards each other;
  • Provide environments that are free of discrimination and harassment, and inclusive of all individuals;
  • Ensure the inclusion of perspectives and voices of underrepresented groups in decision-making.

Our Core Values

Prayer – God commands us to pray and seek His will and guidance in all that we do.

Kinship – We all belong to one another, and we in turn all belong to God, and have a responsibility to love and care for each other.

Compassion – God calls us to be kind and compassionate, reaching out to  one another in love, humility, understanding, kindness and patience.

Hope – Those who experience true acceptance and caring find renewed Hope in the Lord, and will renew their strength and find their divine purpose.

Servanthood – Loving, caring for, and serving people in difficult circumstances in meeting their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Discipleship – To help establish and grow people in their faith journey by learning and living Christ together.