Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Dr. Neil Craton – Appointed in January of 2023.  Dr. Craton has been practising medicine for over 30 years with a passion for sports medicine for most of them.  With a career that began in the emergency room in Winnipeg and six years later was admitted to UBC sports medicine fellowship where he earned his Master’s degree in Human Kinetics. He returned to Winnipeg in 1992 and started Legacy Sport Medicine Clinic in 1994.  He works with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and has devoted a great deal of time to working with local charitable organizations including several years with Siloam Mission where he learned the lessons he shares in his book “Wisdom From the Homeless”.  He believes that practising medicine is a privilege  and an opportunity to serve others.

Scott Groen – Appointed in September 2019. Scott is the Pharmacy Manager with Tache Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has been a long-time supporter of Forward House, both professionally and personally. As a pharmacist he brings a unique perspective of what is needed to effect positive change in the lives of our residents. Having many years of experience working with men’s groups and their growth as individuals, he is passionate about the transformative role we can have on improving the lives of our residents.

Robert Kreis (Chair) – Appointed in February 2021. Robert has launched and operated several successful enterprises over the last several decades. He has also served in leadership capacities in several commercial and community organizations. He and his wife have operated their businesses with a commitment to integrity and respect for people, which is rooted in their faith and a caring for people regardless of their situation. They feel strongly that we need to do more in helping the marginalized and disadvantaged.

Ernie Warkentin (Past-Chair) – Appointed in April 2019. Ernie is the founder and President of Ernst David International Inc., a management consulting firm. He has extensive experience working with various organizations and ministries in Canada and the USA, in refocusing and reorganizing them towards greater and successful achievement of their Vision and Mission. He and his wife are dedicated to making a positive transformative difference in the lives of residents entrusted to Forward House and in our community.