On-going Support

Kinship, Compassion, Hope

New residents are accepted and received for who they are as individuals, created by God, as we seek to understand them as individuals, without judgment of any kind.  Our role is to receive, accept, and understand them as individuals. Over time trust and confidence develops, as we help and guide them to develop a growing hope for the future.

Through mentorship and individualized programs based on compassion, love and caring, residents develop confidence in our leaders and one another.  Frequently, this may be a resident’s first exposure to caring and love, coupled with acceptance and understanding.  We strive to nurture their desire to receive help and to guide them to experience hope for the future.  In the process they learn that there is a God who loves them, and as they experience change and the beginnings of positive transformation, they are led to discover their divine purpose in life, and hope for the future.

As residents progress, they gain confidence in themselves, and may ultimately consider interim residency and independent living, with on-going support.