Home for Men & Home for Women

Over the last year, the new Board of Directors and Executive Director in consultation with the community and community organizations, have been busy redeveloping and broadening our range of programs, and are continuing in this development and restructuring over the next year or more. We plan to broaden and expand our programming aimed specifically at encouraging and facilitating transformation of lives. We are also planning on broadening the program in the future to include an outreach and community based program.

One of the Board’s top priorities is to begin the planning process to launch a Forward House home for women, on a separate site, with its own programming and staff. Based on the input from many sources, the need is beyond critical for a program of this kind and our community partners are totally supportive of our planned strategy for bringing this to a reality, as soon as possible. This is a high priority for our Board and leadership. As we develop our plans, we will be posting the significant developments on this website along with our Facebook page. We will also be launching a capital campaign for the funds needed to accomplish this objective.